Give someone a “Happy Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we are all preparing for the warm atmosphere, good food, and much needed time with the family that the holidays bring. During this time of the year, we should be mindful of those who are not as fortunate as others. As believers, we the CLBC family are blessed with the responsibility of being the arms and hands of God in this land. With that knowledge and understanding we are excited about giving families a “Happy Thanksgiving”. We have partnered with the Women’s Resource Center Westbank to bless 20 families in need. We have committed to provide these families with everything they will need to prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner. Starting Sunday, November 1st we will begin accepting donations for the following:

  • Turkeys
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing (Box mix or ingredients to prepare)
  • Mac and Cheese (Box mix or ingredients to prepare)
  • Canned veggies
  • Bag of Chicken Breasts
  • Sausage
  • Box gumbo mix or gumbo base
  • Rice
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Sweet potato pie
  • Cake (as an allergy precaution, please exclude items with nuts or chocolate)

Remember, this is seed you are sowing. Name your harvest and expect a return!For more information about the Women’s Resource Center Westbank, visit their site here:

Thank you for your participation!

If you would like to sponsor a family by providing a complete dinner, feel free to let us know by emailing us at The items will be delivered to the families on Monday November 23, 2015.

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