We pray you have been blessed as you’ve given room for self evaluation, praying and fasting on the past two days. You can continue to apply those topics to your day to day lifestyle. They are beneficial for you and will assist in preparation for the Five Days of Glory. On today we would like to focus on the topic of meditation.

Dr. Adam Richardson has taught us about meditation in several of his teachings. In his current teaching, A Call to the Deeper Life in Christ, he makes mention that meditation of the Word of God is the first place to begin developing an intimate relationship with Christ.

#3 Meditation

Meditation means to mutter. Mutter means speaking to oneself. In the process of meditating your flesh or senses will raise up against you. Dr. Richardson reminds us that everything you have a fight in doing when it comes to spiritual things is beneficial to you because if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have to fight. He taught us that discipline is forced obedience.

Meditation will cause you to become aware of spiritual things. Your spirit, by the Holy Spirit; is always talking, directing, and leading. The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth. The word truth also means reality. The reality of the things of God. Those things are spoken to you but you don’t see any reality of them by the physical mind. The things God has placed in you is beyond human comprehension. When it comes to what God has done in you and through you, your senses cannot contain it.

Your times of meditation should be times of worship and fellowship with God. Worship God in your spirit as you quote God’s Word back to Him. The words of Scripture are living words. ( Read Hebrews 4:12.) They contain eternal wisdom held in the shell of human words. God wants you to break open these words and begin to discover the rich wealth of personal application and understanding that they hold. This goal can be accomplished as you meditate on Scripture.

In Colossians 3:16 Paul said, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you [live in you] richly in all wisdom. ” Meditation on Scripture will cause Scripture to “dwell in you” and become a source of wisdom in your mind, will, and emotions.

Remember, meditation cannot be done in a hurry. It takes time. Doing studies on the meaning of a passage and committing it to memory prepares you to meditate on it. As you meditate, the Holy Spirit will teach you the ways of God through His Word. ( Read John 16:13.)

If you are having an issue finding what to meditate on, meditate on what you have been taught by our Pastors Adam and Ava Richardson. What they have instilled in you was given to them by the Holy Spirit for growth, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and living a purpose filled and Godly life. The current teachings, A Call to the Deeper Life in Christ and The Ephesians Series are great teachings to meditate on.

 Key points to meditating

  • Worship God in Your Spirit.
  • Personalize the Passage.
  • Give Attention to Each Word of Each Verse ( Define words to gain clarity and understanding).
  • Meditate on the Word day and night not letting it depart from your mouth (Joshua 1:8).
  • Speak and act out the things you have meditated on.
  • Respond to the Holy Spirit as He teaches you.

Let meditation of the Word rule in your hearts as you prepare for the week to come.


3 days to go…

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