Who Are We?

The Children’s Ministry reaches out to children ages 2 though 11, bringing them into the reality of a true and living God. Our ministry is balance both naturally and spiritually. CLBC Children’s Ministry teachers the Word of God on their level. We assist and support the development of their spirit causing them to not waver in their commitment to God, family and society.

Our Mission

To create a Children’s Ministry that will be knowledgeable in the things of God and also the things pertaining to life.  We want to give a clear cut balance of the spiritual and natural things of life.  Our vision is to create successful children that will grow up to be men and woman intelligently groomed with the wisdom of God, in the church and society.

We want to create the reality of a true and living God.  To develop children that will give themselves unto a God, who is also real to them.  To develop children who will trust Him in all things and for all things, not wavering or compromising their faith.  Our children will stand tall in society and in the church, raising families that will serve God and humanity.

Children’s Retreat 2015

We’re happy to inform you that we are planning the Children’s 2015 Retreat.  Tickfaw State Park group camping seems to work for us so that is the plan.  The campground is very nice and the camping facility is very clean and comfortable.  Our annual Vacation Bible Study (VBS) will be held Monday through Thursday, June 22nd through June 25th 2015, then we will leave on Friday morning for our annual retreat on June 26th, stay two nights at Tickfaw State Park and return on Sunday, June 28th 2015.

The retreat is for children ages 5 – 11.  The price of the retreat is $100.00 per child which will include all meals, snacks, fun activities and transportation.  A $25.00 or more deposit is due now which will help us to complete our reservation.  For more information or questions, please contact Giselle Lewis at (504) 913-7966.