It gives us joy to see people come together in the institution of marriage.  We encourage all members to attend pre-marital counseling prior to setting a wedding date. To receive a copy of the pre-marital/wedding guidelines, please see our  Wedding Coordinator, Church Secretary or pickup a copy of the guidelines and application from the Growing in the Word information stand.


Christenings are done on the 4th Sunday, unless it’s a holiday. To pick up the guidelines and applications, please see one of the ministers and pick up from the Growing in the Word information stand.   Your application must be completed at least 2 weeks in advance.

Water Baptism

Water Baptisms are normally held twice a year or  when assigned by the Pastor.  The minimum age is 11.   Some exceptions are made for those children who have gone through our Water Baptism teaching in the Children Ministry with the approval of the Children Ministry leader and the parent.

Funerals and Memorial Services

It is our desire to provide spiritual support to you and your love ones during this time. If one of your immediate family members passes away and goes to be with the Lord, it is your responsibility to inform the church by contacting one of the Elders/Ministers or leadership team members.  If you go to be with the Lord, it is your responsibility to convey your desires to your family.    For the funeral/memorial service, members should now contact the hospitality team.