Our Mission

The purpose of this ministry is to provide the teaching of the Word of God on CD, DVD, online or book and other available mediums to the body of Christ and all who desire to come into spiritual growth and development.  We serve the CLBC family, the body of Christ and all who desire to come into the knowledge of Christ and to grow and development in Him. It is our responsibility to ensure the preached Word of God is made available in all mediums with an excellent presentation to those we serve.


Our meetings are held on 2nd or 3rd of the month on Sunday at 9:00 AM.

During our meetings:

  • Prayer
  • Thank Team for Commitment to HELPS ministry and fulfilling church mission; Encouragement
  • Identify Success/Challenges of Last Month
  • Review Calendar and Plan for Upcoming Events
  • Receive updates on supplies/partners
  • Reports from each position
  • Discuss New ideas of ministering to Partners and others and what is needed to have; set goals
  • Identify Special Projects
Growing In The Word Ministry

Growing In The Word Ministry