If you were to ask me, what is the missing ingredient in the church, I would say it is the believers not understanding the power and value of meditating the Word and putting it in their hearts. Mark 4:14 states “the sower sows the Word.”

God calls the new creation man a sower. Also note that the the sower sows the Word. So the Word acts like a seed. Therefore, the Word will not produce until it is sown in the good ground of the heart, it will produce life  and life overflowing as stated in John 10:10. If the believer wants an overflowing life, they must plant the seed of the Word into good ground of their hearts.

I believe the enemy sends many distractions to prevent is from planning the Word, especially the preached Word. Through this teaching, Dr. A.L. Richardson will discuss the empowerment of the Word and distractions that are designed  to prevent you from planting the seed of the Word.

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