Have you ever wondered why it seems hard to receive the financial prosperity that God promised us in His Word? Through this teaching, Dr. A.L. Richardson shares a profound truth. Which if caught and applied, would propel God’s people into His perfect will concerning financial prosperity.

During this teaching, Dr. Richardson looks at a foundational truth that is often overlooked in II Timothy 2:19. Throughout the Bible we see how God blessed Abraham and He also commanded him to walk upright. We see how God blessed Job and told him to put away iniquity. In the book of Acts, Cornelius was called a devout man and his giving went up to God.

Therefore, we can see the connection between financial prosperity and living upright before God. Dr. Richardson shows us that the foundation to Kingdom benefits is giving up evil, giving up the “practice” of sin. He expounds on this truth by stating: If we practice sin, it puts a sin consciousness in us and we cannot stand in faith. So when we give up the “practice” of sin, our covenant is in full force, in full operation! Remember, your financial prosperity is a part of your covenant rights! Allow these truths to propel you into God’s best.

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